Conveniences we provide during your time in the studio

Studio Amenities

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World Class Accurately Tuned Recording Environments

Studio Recording Environments

<h3><b>Control Room</b></h3>

Control Room

• 27x22 room with a 14' ceiling
• Room meets and exceeds all ITU, AES, EBU testing requirements for world class recording facilities and critical listening environments
• 8 AUX inputs for convenience
• AMEK Big 44 by Langley is the centerpiece of the room, fully restored to factory specs
• 32 in 24 out
• NEVE, SSL, UA, are some of the Pres we use
• AVID HD Native with 2 Quad Omni UA cards in an Apple Tower

<b>Variable Acoustic Room</b>

Variable Acoustic Room

• 16x17 room with 8' ceiling
• Designed with custom movable panels allowing for either more or less reverb, and deadening characteristics
• Concave and convex panels on the walls and ceiling, vocals and acoustic guitars sound amazing
• 12-input patch bay

<b>Air-Lock Room</b>

Air-Lock Room

• 12x14 room with 12' ceiling
• Provides a positive air gap between all the recording rooms offering greater isolation
• Doubles as a reverb chamber for those great 80's Drum Sounds
• 12-input patch bay

<b>Isolation Booth</b>

Isolation Booth

• 12x12 room with 8' ceiling
• Treated extensively for our loudest instruments, guitar cabs
• Control of cabs from pedal board in control room while using the New Radial RX,TX to boost the signal
• 12-input patch bay

<b>Live Room/Lounge</b>

Live Room/Lounge

• Large 24x28 room with a 14' ceiling
• 24 inputs for full band recording
• A lively space lightly treated
• Offers a lounge, internet, computer access, and fully stocked kitchen
• Kick back in here and relax while others are recording

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<b>Multi-Purpose Room</b>

Multi-Purpose Room

• 24x40 room with a 14' ceiling
• Includes 16x16 overhead door for easy load in
• This is our training/educational facility for:

Audio Recording Workshops
Video Production Workshops
Photography Workshops
Business Development Workshops

**Look for Generation>Next Academy Coming Spring 2017**